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Donít Be Long Limited Gatefold Vinyl LP + CD Album


Release Date: 23 February 2015

Format: LP+CD

Label: Rise


MAKE DO AND MEND Donít Be Long Limited Gatefold Vinyl LP + CD Album

There are musicians and there are artists, Make Do And Mend are artists. They donít write songs, they craft them. Multiple hours are spent on every lyric, and every chord progression, you can hear the passion in every song. The bandís latest effort, ďDonít Be LongĒ, is no exception. All 11 songs are hand-crafted masterpieces. You can tell after one listen that this is a record that will stay in your collection for years to come.

The band chose to re-enlist producers, Jay Maas and Nick Bellmore, the dynamic duo behind the bandís debut success, ďEnd Measured MileĒ. The result is something truly special. Itís an album that will be treasured by fans and critics alike for years to come. No strangers to life on the road, Make Do And Mend have toured with Hot Water Music, The Wonder Years, and Senses Fail and, like always, the band is prepared to spend all year supporting this album on the road.

Make Do And Mendís live show is the ace up their sleeve, they connect with their audience in a way that most bands aspire too. Every word is screamed back at them, every bass drum hit is felt in the heart, and itís clear that thereís nowhere else anyone would rather be. Make Do And Mend isnít a band, they are an experience, and ďDonít Be LongĒ promises not to disappoint.

Featured Tracks:
1. Don't Be Long
2. Ever Since
3. Bluff
4. Old Circles
5. Each of Us
6. Sin Miedo
7. Sin Amor
8. All There Is
9. I Don't Wonder at All
10. Sanctimony
11. Begging for the Sun to Go Down