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Doing Easy Limited Orange Vinyl LP

by Indian Jewelry

Release Date: 27 November 2015

Format: LP Vinyl



Indian Jewelry Doing Easy Limited Orange Vinyl LP

Texas duo Indian Jewelry have been a staple of the psych and noise scenes for nearly a decade, building a fanbase following their highly acclaimed 2008 debut LP. They have followed it up with 7 successful releases, bringing us to this, their 8th album, 'Doing Easy'. This LP release is limited to 1000 on orange vinyl.

Featured Tracks:
1. Turn It On Again
2. Charmer
3. Inside The Shadows
4. Nightsweat
5. Intra-Body
6. Do Survive
7. Luxury Of Regret
8. Riding Cars (Talking Trash)
9. Vast Division
10. Calling, Calling
11. The Keys
12. Lovely Rita