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Deran Limited Vinyl LP

by Bombino

Release Date: 18 May 2018

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Partisan Records


Bombino Deran Limited Vinyl LP

On May 18th, Partisan Records will release 'Deran,' the new full-length album from Niger-born Tuareg guitar virtuoso, Bombino. 'Deran' - which loosely translates to "best wishes" - is Bombino's most focused, compelling, and diverse statement to date, and delivers a message of hope and well-wishes to the world in a time of great pain and tumult. Written and sung entirely in Bombino's native language of Tamasheq, 'Deran' was recorded in Casablanca - at a studio owned by current Moroccan king Mohammed VI, no less - over a ten day stretch, and marks his first time making an album in Africa in nearly a decade. In Bombino's own words, "my mission for this album was always to get closer to Africa." How to celebrate, protect, unify, and above all, never forget that desert home, are the salient themes throughout 'Deran.' Across ten tracks, the album showcases Bombino's mastery of a rich palette - from folk, rock, blues, funk, and of course the 'Tuareggae' sub-genre which he has single-handedly pioneered.

Featured Tracks:
Imajghane (The Tuareg People)
Deran Deran Alkheir (Best Wishes)
Tehigren (The Trees)
Midiwan (My Friends)
Tenesse (Idleness)
Oulhin (My Heart Burns)
Adounia Idagh (This Life)
Tamasheq (The Tuareg language)
Adouagh Chegren (At The Top of the Mountain)

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