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Deathless Limited White Vinyl LP + CD

by Miss May I

Release Date: 30 October 2015

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Rise Records


MISS MAY I Deathless Limited White Vinyl LP + CD

Vinyl format of the Miss May I “Deathless” album (CD was released in August). Miss May I are currently regarded by industry elite as one of the hardest working young bands in the metal genre, and are known by a rabid fans across the globe as ‘The Next Big Thing’ in the heavy music scene. The band has graduated to the mainstream making the transition from headlining to small clubs across the US to landing a Main Stage slot on this summer’s Vans Warped Tour. Having played 950+ shows since 2009, Miss May I have made their presence known the old fashioned way, with blood, sweat and hard work, playing every show like it’s their last, and treating every fan like their first. ‘Deathless’ is easily the band’s strongest and most impressive material to date. Miss May I enlisted producer Joey Sturgis, who produced the bands first 2 albums, as well as countless other mammoth metalcore releases (Of Mice & Men, Asking Alexandria, Attack Attack!) to help them craft the album. This new material brings back the initial ingredients of fast, aggressive hooks and melodic, yet brutal breakdowns, while showcasing everything the band has learned and absorbed over the past years of touring. Miss May I do not plan on going anywhere any time soon. ‘Deathless’ is going to give them that staying power.

Featured Tracks:
1. I.H.E.
2. Trust My Heart (Never Hope to Die)
3. Psychotic Romantic
4. Deathless
5. Bastards Left Behind
6. Arise
7. Turn Back the Time
8. Empty Promises
9. The Artificial
10. Born from Nothing

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