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Dead Letter Circus Limited Vinyl LP


Release Date: 21 September 2018

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: BMG Rights Management


Dead Letter Circus Self Titled Limited Vinyl LP

If the personal really is political, Queensland, Brisbane Australia’s Dead Letter Circus’ self-titled album –their fourth full-length of all-new original material, but fifth overall – may well be the band’s most political statement to date.
For a group that has, on previous records, taken a strong ethical stance on issues such as fracking, Dead Letter Circus strikes at the heart of what makes humans tick, and the insecurities and psychological foibles that can make us all so fragile.
Dead Letter Circus also repeats the winning production combination of Forrester Savell (Karnivool) and Matt Bartlem (Jarryd James, Matt Corby), the team that helmed Aesthesis, which debuted at Number Two on the ARIA charts (a feat also achieved by 2013’s The Catalyst Fire).
The band worked with the duo over a six-week period at Studio Circuit in the Gold Coast, arriving at the most organic album of their career, light on digital programming but riddled with giant hooks.

Featured Tracks:
Side: 1
1. The Armour You Own
2. The Real You
3. Change
4. Running Out of Time
5. We Own the Light

Side: 2
1. Heartline
2. Ladders for Leaders
3. Trade Places
4. Say It Won't Be Long
5. Home