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Darkness Drips Forth Limited Vinyl LP + Download


Release Date: 30 October 2015

Format: LP Vinyl



HOODED MENACE Darkness Drips Forth Limited Vinyl LP + Download

Finlandís HOODED MENACE return with Darkness Drips Forth, their most gruesome work to date. Recorded and mixed by Chris Fielding (Electric Wizard, Primordial) the band employ a new approach on their latest effort, expanding their writing across four mammoth dense tracks that nearly all exceed ten minutes apiece. Cavernous vocals preside over Lasse Pyykko's rocky riffs, while the bandís unshakable rhythmic core provides a grim backbone for the record. The hint of melody HOODED MENACE sought back in their earliest days has fully blossomed into an essential element of the bandís music; Darkness Drips Forth is as melodic as it is devastating and as emotionally disquieting as it is thematically stirring. Funereal, deliberate, and unhurried, Darkness Drips Forth is sure to be an essential acquisition for fans of crushing doom and old-school death metal alike. Hooded Menace deliver a gruesomely glorious treat just in time for Halloween! Recommended if you like: Bolt Thrower, Coffins, Disma, Asphyx, Dead Congregation, Serpentine Path, Winter. Print advertisements confirmed for Terrorizer (UK), Metal Hammer (UK), Rock-a-Rolla (UK), Zero Tolerance (UK) HOODED MENACE will be played regularly on BBC1ís ďRock Show with Dan P CarterĒ

Featured Tracks:
1. Blood For The Burning Oath / Dungeons Of The Disembodied
2. Elysium Of Dripping Death
3. Ashen With Solemn Decay
4. Beyond Deserted Flesh

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