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Dame Fortune Limited Vinyl 2LP Set

by RJD2

Release Date: 25 March 2016

Format: LP Double Vinyl



RJD2 Dame Fortune Limited Vinyl 2LP Set

The new studio album from RJD2, 'Dame Fortune', continues the sonic exploration that was started 14 years ago on his seminal debut, 'Deadringer'. An entirely self-produced and engineered affair, longtime vocal collaborators appear here in the form of Blueprint, Son Little (aka Aaron Livingston, the other half of the Icebird duo), Phonte Coleman and Jordan Brown, along with newcomer Josh Krajcik (runner up on the 2011 season of X-Factor). Always soulful, perpetually psychedelic, this album has found the lost threads connecting Aloe Blacc, Tangerine Dream and King Crimson. From the jagged, angular deconstruction of 'A New Theory' and 'The Sheboygan Left', to the poignant elegance of 'Peace Of What' and 'We Come Alive', 'Dame Fortune' further cements RJD2 as a force to be reckoned with behind the boards.

Featured Tracks:
1. A Portal Inward
2. The Roaming Hoard
3. Peace Of What (feat Son Little)
4. The Sheboygan Left
5. A New Theory
6. We Come Alive (feat Son Little)
7. PF, Day One
8. Saboteur (feat Phonte Coleman)
9. Your Nostalgic Heart And Lung
10. Up In The Clouds (feat Blueprint)
11. Band Of Matron Saints (feat Josh Krakcik)
12. Portals Outward