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Crucial Cuts Limited Vinyl LP

by Mystic Revealers

Release Date: 19 January 2015

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: VP Records


Mystic Revealers Crucial Cuts Limited Vinyl LP

Crucial Cuts marks the return of Billy Wilmot and Mystic Revealers to the reggae scene, with their first release since 2008. The Ďbest ofí collection is re-mastered versions of the original studio recordings, compiled from their first four albums.

The groupís brand of 90ís roots reggae blends political edge with international pop flavour. Their style resonates with fans of Don Carlos and Israel Vibration. Mystic Revealers have Influenced Manu Chao and others
The album includes collaborations with Sizzla and Anthony B.

Embracing surf culture in Jamaica as a young man, Wilmot influenced generations of enthusiasts of the sport and has been a key figure in bringing reggae to surfing fans. Wilmotís sons are major figures in todayís Jamaican surfing scene from their home in Bull Bay.

Wilmot operates a performance venue called Jamnesia which has become a magnate for new roots reggae talent.

Featured Tracks:
Side 1
1. Rasta Man
2. Judgment Day
3. Young Revolutionaries
4. Justice
5. Space & Time

Side 2
6. Righteous
7. Border Line
8. Tell Them feat. Sizzla
9. Got To Be A Better Way
10. Iím Gonna Tell Ya feat. Anthony B