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Coven O.S.T. Limited Vinyl LP

by Patrick Nettesheim

Release Date: 03 June 2016

Format: LP Vinyl



Patrick Nettesheim Coven O.S.T. Limited Vinyl LP

Forever Midnight is proud to announce the release of the soundtrack album to 'Coven' (pronounced with a long 'O' like 'woven', not like 'oven') - the legendary 1997 short horror film by Mark Borchardt. Patrick Nettesheim's score is a brooding assortment of dreamlike synths, overdriven guitars, pounding drums and wailing choirs, all run through a charming and creepy home-recorded filter. From the opening, ominous bending bass hits to the final slow-dancing pianos, this thoughtful soundtrack conjures images of dilapidated scarecrows, haunted drive-ins and black-robed fiends - a perfect complement to Coven's stark black and white imagery and harrowing themes.