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Couch Baby Limited Vinyl LP


Release Date: 08 July 2016

Format: LP Vinyl



Jamie Isaac Couch Baby Limited Vinyl LP

Jamie Isaac, formerly known as Tom Cully, is a London-based singer and producer. Signed to House Anxiety / Marathon Artists, Jamie's debut EP, I Will Be Cold Soon, attracted attention for its near-choral incantations, minimalist jazz tones and post-rock layering. Each CD or LP version of the album comes with a free fanzine which includes the download code for Jamie’s ‘Loose Grip’ mixtape.
Couch Baby is a swirling culmination of Jamie’s work to date as a producer & singer-songwriter as well as a classically trained pianist & vocalist. It’s set against the backdrop of his native SE London & all the jazzy, hazy, R&B elements within it.
Jamie has been praised for utilising the power of silence with experimental and enveloping swaggering beats and his self-aware lyrics.

Jamie describes his own music style as "brooding, cinematic and minimalist" and that he would never write a song without a piano line in it.
Jamie’s headline launch show on the 12th July has now sold out, but there will be more gigs to be announced for this autumn. He also appeared at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch as part of Field Day warm-up party.

Featured Tracks:
Intro / Find The Words / CNT U SEE / Last Drip / Staying With Me All Night / Know U Like Me / Beauty / Couch Baby / Interlude / Pigeon / All My Days / She'll Always Close In / Outro

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