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Concrete Vision Limited Vinyl LP

by Still Parade

Release Date: 10 June 2016

Format: LP Vinyl



Still Parade Concrete Vision Limited Vinyl LP

Still Parade is the project and artistic development of songwriter and producer Niklas Kramer. Following the success of his 'Fields' EP, Still Parade is back with debut album 'Concrete Vision'. Still Parade, AKA Niklas Kramer, has garnered huge support since he became the, not quite "darling", but perhaps the "alluring Femme Fetale" of Hype Machine. Regularly described as enigmatic, his personality has been shrouded under a veil of mystery. There was, however, enough intrigue to maintain support from tastemakers and fans alike - leading to the upper echelons of Hype Machine on more than one occasion. Armed with a collection of brand new songs, Still Parade has left the dream folk and yacht rock, which was characteristic of its first works, behind him. Although 'Concrete Vision' offers even more intense melodies, catchy hooks and harmonious singing of a quality that can rarely be found in this country, it is, however, much, much more than this.

Featured Tracks:
1. Seasons
2. Walk In The Park
3. Concrete Vision
4. Let Go
5. 07:41
6. Everything Is Going Down (Again)
7. Chamber
8. Morning Light
9. True Love