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Collective Sigh Limited Vinyl LP

by Pinkwash

Release Date: 27 May 2016

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Don Giovanni


Pinkwash Collective Sigh Limited Vinyl LP

Philadelphia prog-punk duo PINKWASH have announced the release of their full-length debut record, COLLECTIVE SIGH, out May 13 on Don Giovanni Records. Comprised of long time friends Joey Doubek and Ashley Arnwine, who have previously played in Mass Movement of the Moth, Ingrid, Waxahatchee (Ashley is a current member), Des Ark, etc., the band has delivered a dark, dirgy and deceivingly sensitive collection. While previous releases represent anger and frustration, COLLECTIVE SIGH provides a process of coping for vocalist Doubek, whose powerful delivery - from a high-pitched scream, as if he's on the verge of cutting out, to a strong trained melody - is one of a kind, undeniably unique. Residing in Philly, PINKWASH came of age in DC and the political nature of their message is tangible. The name PINKWASH refers specifically to a type of marketing that capitalizes on the suffering of those with breast cancer. After Joey's experience of being the primary caregiver to his mother who died of breast cancer, and Ashley being his friend through that time, the name seemed appropriate. It aims to draw attention to the wrongs of a system that capitalizes on and trivializes people's pain and suffering. In that way, the name is both political and personal, just as Joey's lyrics are on PINKWASH's new LP.

Featured Tracks:
No Real Witness / Longer Now / Metastatic / Gumpdrop / The Brevity Is Unkind / Burning Too / Sigh / Space Dust / Halfmoon / Walk Forward...