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Chopin Polonaises Limited 180gram Heavyweight Vinyl LP

by Maurizio Pollini

Release Date: 25 November 2016

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: DG


Maurizio Pollini Chopin Polonaises Limited 180gram Heavyweight Vinyl LP

Originally released in 1976, both releases have been carefully remastered from the original Deutsche Grammophon analogue tapes with every effort made to reproduce the original intentions of the musicians and recording engineers. Presented with original artwork, and the original 2-page sleeve notes. Pressed on 180g heavyweight vinyl at Optimal. Both releases release include a voucher with a unique code to download the digital audio files (MP3) of the full album for free

Featured Tracks:
1. Polonaise No.1 In C Sharp Minor, Op.26 No.1
2. Polonaise No.2 In E Flat Minor, Op.26 No.2
3. Polonaise No.3 In A, Op.40 No.1 - "Military"
4. Polonaise No.4 In C Minor, Op.40 No.2
5. Polonaise No.5 In F Sharp Minor, Op.44
6. Polonaise No.6 In A Flat, Op.53 -"Heroic"
7. Polonaise No.7 In A Flat, Op.61 Polonaise-Fantaisie

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