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Charmer Limited Vinyl LP


Release Date: 02 June 2014

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: ADA


TIGERS JAW Charmer Limited Vinyl LP

Between the power pop melodies of early Saves the Day and the hard driving folk rhythms of Fleetwood Mac lies Tigers Jaw - a band whose raw immediacy is infectious and intoxicating. Shimmering organ textures, chunky guitar chords, and male/female vocal harmonies show the Scranton, PA natives taking rural rock music from its legendary past to its vibrant future.

Featured Tracks:
1. Cool
2. Frame You
3. Hum
4. Charmer
5. Nervous Kids
6. I Envy Your Apathy
7. Divide
8. Slow Come On
9. Teen Rocket
10. Softspoken
11. Distress Signal
12. What Would You Do

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