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Change Of Pace Limited Vinyl LP


Release Date: 01 April 2016

Format: LP Vinyl



Greyhounds Change Of Pace Limited Vinyl LP

"Change of Pace" is Greyhounds' second - and finest - collection of funky, blues-and-R&B-laced rock and roll. Where their last album, 2014's acclaimed "Accumulator," focused on internal emotional turmoil and personal relationships, "Change of Pace" draws its inspiration from the outside world and the struggles the duo sees every day in Texas and on the road. From the slow-burning anthem "Walls," to the lighter "Late Night Slice," to the deep wells of emotion that bubble up on the heartbroken "Cuz I'm Here" and the funky "For You," the album showcases the remarkable artistic maturation the band has undergone in the short time since releasing "Accumulator." Derek Trucks raved that "Greyhounds make real music, the right way and for the right reasons," while JJ Grey described their songs as landing "somewhere between a heartfelt hymn and the dirtiest jank you've ever heard in your life," and Gary Clark Jr. summed it up simply as Greyhounds "crushed it as usual." The war is on for your mind, and "Change of Pace" is without a doubt a win for the good guys.

Featured Tracks:
1. Devil's Eyes
2. Walls
3. Gettin Out Alive
4. Change Of Pace
5. Set Us Free
6. Cuz I'm Here
7. Before BP (The War Is On For Your Mind)
8. Late Night Slice
9. For You
10. Moonshadows
11. Check The Gas
12. B Sizzle
13. It's So Good To Be Alive