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Bring Us Together Limited Vinyl LP

by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Release Date: 15 September 2014

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Hot Bus Records


The Asteroids Galaxy Tour Bring Us Together Limited Vinyl LP

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour is a futuristic dance vision. Take the trumpets and soul from a Mexican mariachi band. Add processed beats, and samples that mercilessly force each and every body to get up and dance. Top it all off with a dash of psychedelic-futuristic synth allure and Mette Lindberg's sultry vocals. Toss it all aboard a tightly packed spaceship headed on a course towards the coolest party on the moon and there you have the sound of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour's third album 'Bring Us Together'. On 'Bring Us Together', the desire to explore new musical universes is greater than ever before. The record points towards eternity with its cooler, more futuristic sound. "We wanted to create a heavier and slightly darker atmosphere for this album. The sound is more processed and less "manual" than before, with more weighting on repetitive beats, bass grooves, chopped-up loops and a more laid back vocal style", explains producer and mastermind Lars Iversen. The new Asteroids sound gives you whiffs of everything from funk and disco to club and trip-hop, without leaving you in any doubt that you are indeed hearing the hypnotising melodies of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. "Magic happens, but only if you're open to the possibility"

Featured Tracks:
1. Bring Us Together
2. Navigator
3. My Club
4. Get Connected
5. Choke It
6. Hurricane
7. Rock the Ride
8. I Am the Mountain
9. Zombies
10. X