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Release Date: 08 June 2018

Format: LP Vinyl




In 2018, Grimner celebrates 10 years of existence. During these years, the band has steadily climbed the world-wide ladder of folk and melodic metal. The band's first full-length album "Blodshymner" (released in 2014) is a milestone of where the journey really took off. "Blodshymner" serves as a strong base for what Grimner is today and what the band is yet to become. Since the release of "Blodshymner", Grimner has released two more full-length albums ("Frost Mot Eld" in 2016 and "Vanadrottning" in 2018). All three albums have gained fantastic response from the global folk metal crowd and Despotz Records have given "Blodshymner" a worthy revival by releasing it as gatefold double vinyl (limited edition 300 units worldwide.)

"Blodshymner" is a solid mixture of metal and folk, heavy riffs and harsh vocals mix with soft flute tunes and clean vocals all sung in their native Swedish. The incorporation of several folk instruments and the innovative pagan spirit of Grimner's music is as exciting for the folk metal maniacs as for fans of more traditional melodic metal.

Words from the band: "We are very happy to see that Despotz Records takes the initiative to give "Blodshymner" new energy. For us, this album means a lot as it is a milestone of the band. Without this album, Grimner would not be what it is today. We are sure that the album is in good hands with Despotz Records and look forward to see a new era of the album taking form and to the never-ending format of double vinyl of this very first full-length Grimner release!"

Featured Tracks:
1. Dom Över Död Man
2. Blotet
3. Färd
4. Ett Likbål För Den Tappre
5. Skogsdömd
6. Forna Dagar
7. Mot Jotunheim
8. En Saga Om Underjorden
9. Ättlingarnas Klagan
10. Hinn Heiõinn Siõr