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Beale Street Saturday Night Limited Clear Vinyl LP + Download


Release Date: 13 April 2015

Format: LP Vinyl



BEALE STREET SATURDAY NIGHT Self Titled Limited Clear Vinyl LP + Download

This is the first ever reissue of James Luther Dickinson's 1979 masterpiece for the Memphis Development Foundation – with new liner notes and archival photos. Memphis’ Beale Street had been a hub of music and activity since the 1860s. As it was being plowed under for “urban renewal” in 1976, James Luther Dickinson decided to not only celebrate the legacy of great Memphis music, but make it back into the place where both the blues and rock ’n’ roll originated. A camaraderie of Memphis musicians, photographers, artists, thespians and “appropriate weirdos” gathered under Dickinson’s direction to record the heart of Beale Street - past and present. From Furry Lewis and Sleepy John Estes to Sid Selvidge and Dickinson’s own Mud Boy & The Neutrons, Beale Street Saturday Night is an unparalleled audio trip through Memphis music history. Recorded in places varying from artists’ homes, to Ardent Studios, to The Orpheum Theatre, Beale Street Saturday Night was originally created as a fundraiser for the Memphis Development Foundation. This reissue will serve a similar purpose as a portion of the proceeds will go to support the radio program Beale Street Caravan which focuses on Memphis music, new and old. This first ever reissue of Beale Street Saturday Night was done under the supervision and with the blessing of the Dickinson family, and it finally makes widely available this important music and historical Memphis document for new audiences to discover.

Featured Tracks:
1. Walkin' Down Beale Street - Sid Selvidge
2. Hernando Horn - Fred Ford
3. Beale Street Blues - Grandma Dixie Davis
4. Big Fat Mama/Liquor Store - Sleepy John Estes
5. Ol' Beale Street Blues - Prince Gabe
6. Furry's Blues - Furry Lewis
7. Rock Me Baby - Teeny Hodges
8. Rock Me Baby - Alex
9. Ben Griffin Was Killed In The Monach... - Thomas Pinkston
10. Frisco Blow - Johnny Woods
11. On The Road Again - Mud Boy & The Neutrons
12. "Mr. Handy Told Me 50 Years Ago..." - Thomas Pinkston
13. Chicken Ain't Nothin' But A Bird - Furry Lewis
14. Roll On Mississippi - Grandma Dixie Davis