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Battle Hymns For Children Singing Limited Gatefold Numbered Yellow 2LP

by Haysi Fantayzee

Release Date: 29 June 2018

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: Demon Records


Haysi Fantayzee Battle Hymns For Children Singing Limited Gatefold Numbered Yellow Heavyweight Vinyl 2LP Set

Demon Records Deluxe range is proud to present Haysi Fantayzee's debut classic 80s Pop album 'Battle Hymns For Children Singing'. Haysi Fantayzee was a quirky pop group known for their colourful style and successful debut single "John Wayne Is Big Leggy". With Jeremy Healy and Kate Garner on vocals, and Paul Caplin on keyboards. The band released this successful debut album in 1983 but split up soon after. This album had numerous hit singles and houses some of the most sought after remix singles of the 80s. Packaged as a limited numbered double-LP gatefold with printed inner sleeves, on heavyweight yellow vinyl. This double LP contains the classic album along with a bonus LP of singles and remixes. * 'In The Mix' was only ever available as a bonus track on cassette or a flexi disc promo and his been included for the completest even though the quality is not as high the other tracks.

Featured Tracks:
Side A
A1: Shiny Shiny
A2: I Lost My Dodi
A3: More Money
A4: Jimmy Jive Jive
A5: The Sabres Of Paradise

Side B
B1: Shoofly Love
B2: Make Me A Sinner
B3: Chizoola
B4: John Wayne Is Big Leggy
B5: Here Comes The Beast

Bonus LP
Side C
C1: John Wayne Is Big Leggy (Groovy Long Version)
C2: Shiny Shiny (Dance Mix)
C3: Holy Joe (12 Remix)
C4: Sister Friction (12 Remix)

Side D
D1: Holy Joe
D2: Okay Big Daddy
D3: Jimmy Jive Jive (Instrumental Remix)
D4: Shiny Shiny Bon Temps (12 Version)
D5: Sister Friction (Single Version)
D6: John Wayne Is Big Leggy (Single Version)
D7: In The Mix*