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Bankbusted Nuclear Detergent Blue Limited 180gram Vinyl LP

by Michael Horovitz

Release Date: 23 February 2018

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Gearbox


Michael Horovitz Bankbusted Nuclear Detergent Blue Limited 180gram Vinyl LP

Michael Horovitz brings his Jazz-Folk-Rock-Poetry SuperJam movement forward to the present day. On this 2013 studio recording of Bankbusted Nuclear Detergent Blues, an effervescent improvisatory poem-sequence which he wrote for Paul Weller, he is accompanied by three of the UK’s most popular musicians – Weller himself, Graham Coxon & Damon Albarn.

The record was recorded at Weller’s Black Barn Studio and Albarn’s Studio 13, and mixed at Studio 13, and originally released for Record Store Day 2013 alongside the accompanying Gearbox Records releases ‘Ballade Of The Nocturnal Commune’ (Jazz Poetry SuperJam #2) and the 2 LP box set ‘Blues For The Hitchhiking Dead’ (Jazz Poetry SuperJam #1).

Paul Weller found that: "...It was my absolute pleasure to work in these recordings with Michael. Damon and Graham. I am a big fan of all three of these artists and just to be so free with all the music and ideas was a real buzz. A lot of fun and no egos in the way. Fabulous. The end results are amongst some of the best new things I've ever worked on".

Featured Tracks:
Side One:
Part One - Soft Soap Flakes Kill
Part Two - Our Wonderful Culture
Part Three - It's The Economy That's Stupid

Side Two:
Part Four - Shock'n'Awe - What's It For?
Part Five - Mutually Assured Destruction = MAD
Part Six - Talkin' 'bout Degeneration