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Awake Limited Vinyl LP

by Folly & The Hunter

Release Date: 18 March 2016

Format: LP Vinyl



Folly & The Hunter Awake Limited Vinyl LP

Folly & The Hunter's third album, Awake, was recorded at Toronto's Revolution Studios in the summer, and was produced and mixed by Howie Beck (Hayden, Feist, Barenaked Ladies). Written primarily while touring across North America and Europe, Awake sees the band growing from their folk foundations into a polished pop aesthetic. For band members Nick Vallee, Christopher Fox and Laurie Torres, heartbreak and loss haunted the delicate music on their acclaimed sophomore album Tragic Care. Touring Europe and North America for two years in support of the album, the band experienced a much-needed catharsis and embraced an optimistic outlook - the spirit of which is clearly evident on Awake. Reflecting on the joys and struggles of life as full-time musicians, songs like "Small Victories" and "Arrow" show the band's clarity and dedication. On quieter album-closer "Science", the bare instrumentation and humble lyrics explore emotions of commitment and the struggle with mundanity in day-to-day-life. The recording sessions also solidified the full-time role of long-time collaborator Phil Creamer, an integral part of the group's live set. Similar to the other members, Creamer' multi-instrumental talents energized their varied approach to the studio.

Featured Tracks:
1. Awake
2. Breath
3. Kill My Hope
4. Small Victories
5. Duisberg
6. The Way We Are
7. Lose That Light
8. Wreck It
9. Travelling
10. Arrow
11. Science