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AUTISTI Limited Vinyl LP


Release Date: 01 June 2017

Format: LP Vinyl



AUTISTI Self Titled Limited Vinyl LP

AUTISTI is an indie supergroup gathering swiss lo-fi rock songwriters/weirdos Louis Jucker and Emilie Zo. Since Louis Jucker left berlin prog outfit THE OCEAN COLLECTIVE in 2012, he aligns genre-breaking projects, varying from his lo-fi folk solo records to his noise hardcore band COILGUNS or his bass driven RED KUNZ project (together with 2 members of RED FANG). Hes known in punk squats, indie clubs and art museums for his seriously hyperactive production: sound installations, theater soundtracks, analog recordings of all format, DIY festivals, etc. His new band AUTISTI features Emilie Zo, an upcoming and disgustingly magnetic swiss folk artist who toured notably with ANNA AARON. In 33 min and 8 songs, AUTISTI ally catchy vocals and noisy riffs and magically mixes Emilie and Louis's distinctive tones to achieve real heart-moving anthems, whispered ballads and nihilistic noise waves. On stage, you'll see them rock strange home-made cabs and a suprisingly loud children drumkit. Weirdness everywhere and emotions all over!

Featured Tracks:
1.The Dower
2.Peaches for Planes
3.No Anchor
5.LAltro Mondo
6.You Felons!
7.Trundle beds
8.Down to the minimum