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As Light As Light Limited Vinyl LP

by Inc. No World

Release Date: 25 November 2016

Format: LP Vinyl



Inc. No World As Light As Light Limited Vinyl LP

The anticipated second album from inc. no world. The brothers are drawing new and unseen lines between gospel, soul, and their own sense of ethereal vocal and instrumental ability. There is a live quality and refined rawness that is both vulnerable, funky, and calming. With off-kilter low and alert funk, 12 string guitar and pedal steel counterpoint, and at times pure gospel. Their choice was clearly to enjoy making this music and this approach is contagious and fulfilling.

Featured Tracks:
Hymn 1 / Waters Of You / The Wheel / In Your Beauty / Without Water / Watch This Dream / In Love / Your Waking Heart / Bending / For The Leaves / In This Dream / Hymn 2