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Armor Of Light Limited Gatefold Vinyl 2LP Set


Release Date: 27 April 2018

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: Nuclear Blast Records


Riot V Armor Of Light Limited Gatefold Vinyl 2LP Set

For fans, the 16th studio album has another highlight; there will be a re-recorded version of song “Thundersteel” as a bonus track on “Armor Of Light”, just in time for the album of the same names’ 30th anniversary. Don comments: “This song is very important to me because it's one of the very first songs that myself and founding member Mark Reale wrote. We actually wrote this in Mark's side project called Narita before we brought it to the Riot camp. The album was one of the biggest selling records for Riot up there with Fire Down Under, and it was also my entrance into Riot.“

Featured Tracks:
Disc 1:
1 Victory 4:40
2 End of the World 5:09
3 Messiah 4:20
4 Angel's Thunder, Devil's Reign 4:40
5 Burn the Daylight 4:47
6 Heart of a Lion 3:52
7 Armor of Light 4:36
8 Set the World Alight 4:52

Disc 2:
1 San Antonio 3:49
2 Caught in the Witches Eye 4:56
3 Ready to Shine 5:00
4 Raining Fire 4:45
5 Unbelief 6:12
6 Thundersteel 4:03