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Arepa 3000 Limited Vinyl 2LP Set

by Los Amigos Invisibles

Release Date: 04 August 2014

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: Luaka Bop


Los Amigos Invisibles Arepa 3000 Limited Vinyl 2LP Set

This diversity arch, multi-kulti hodge-podge plays like a soundtrack for an imaginary Latin night club with a selectively demented door policy. The essence of Sergio Mendes trips in first, trailed by a rap that emerges from under a 70s disco conceit swathed in silky choirs and cheesy synths. Brazilian Tropicalismo via Caetano Veloso bumps butts with naive pop organ riff that London hipsters circa 1968 would recognize, until the congas lash out and the whole thing turns into vintage Santana.

[Los Amigos Invisibles] has taken the rhythmic sass in salsa, the bass-heavy fun in funk, and mixed it all up to produce an infection beat. [They] have put the joy back into dancing, sending a warm current into the cold alienating waters of industrial strength techno. - L.A. Weekly

Featured Tracks:
1. Intro
2. Arepa
3. La Vecina
4. Que Rico
5. Cuchi-cuchi
6. Si Estuvieras
7. Masturbation Session
8. Mami Te Extrano
9. Mujer Policia
10. No Le Metas Mano
11. Amor
12. Pipi
13. El Barro
14. Domingo Echao
15. Piazo E'perra
16. El Baile Del Sobon
17. Fonnovo
18. Caliente
19. Llegaste Tarde