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Applause Limited Vinyl LP

by Balthazar

Release Date: 14 April 2014

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Pias Recordings


Balthazar Applause Limited Vinyl LP

· Balthazar’s award winning debut album ‘Applause’ is now available on vinyl.
· ‘Applause’ won Best Album Of 2010 at the Music Industry Awards in 2011.
· Featuring singles and live favourites ‘Fifteen Floors’, ‘I’ll Stay Here’ and ‘Blood Like Wine’.
· The five-piece from Kortrijk / Ghent are a band with swagger who try to produce a unique sound. In 2005, the band won a Flemish talent contest called Kunstbende. One year later they were audience favourites at Humo’s Rock Rally, a
Belgian contest for rock bands. Not bad at all if you see that The Black Box Revelation, Freaky Age and The Hickey Underworld were co-finalists.
Thanks to the singles ‘This Is A Flirt’ (2007) and ‘Bathroom Lovin’: Situations’ (2008) they managed to play at festivals like Dour and Dranouter. Then it was time to set the first steps abroad…
· ‘Applause’ was produced by the band. For the final mixing they went to Norway and called upon Ynge Leidulv Saetre for help (Kings Of Convenience, Röyksopp).
· The band are often compared to Arctic Monkeys, The Streets, The xx and Gorillaz.

Featured Tracks:
1. Fifteen Floors
2. Hunger at the Door
3. Morning
4. Wire
5. I'll Stay Here
6. Blues for Rosann
7. Throwing a Ball
8. More Ways
9. The Boatman
10. Intro
11. Blood Like Wine
12. Fifteen Floors
13. Blues for Rosann

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