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APPARITIONS - AN ODE TO THRASH Limited Gatefold Transparent Purple 2LP


Release Date: 25 August 2017

Format: LP Double Vinyl



ARMOROS APPARITIONS - AN ODE TO THRASH Limited Gatefold Transparent Purple Vinyl 2LP Set

Armoros from Canada, formed in 1985, and they recorded their stunning debut in 1988. “Pieces” came out via High Roller Records in 2015, and it definitely has made some waves in the wider thrash scene. Now Armoros are presenting their fans with another release, a double LP compilation bearing the enticing title “Apparitions - an Ode to Thrash". Rick Lee, who handles both vocals and bass in Armoros, tells us what we can expect from this new release: “The compilation has all the songs from all our demos and it also comes with a rehearsal version of ‘Dementia’ which was originally called ‘The Headsman’.” Said demos are “Debut Assault” from 1986, “Ressurecdead” from 1987, “Remember Michelle” from 1988 and the “‘92 Demo”.

Featured Tracks:
01 Sacrifice
02 The Winds of Bacata
03 Forbidden Zone
04 Armor Us
05 Headsmen
06 Terminal Death
07 Euphoria
08 Autopsy Dementia
09 Cry of the Unborn
10 Remember Michelle
11 Apparition of Force
12 Critical Mass
13 The Dead
14 Shadows
15 From Thin Air
16 Judgment Day
17 Insight
18 Glockenspiel
19 Threshold of Pain
20 Ode to the Past