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Amorine Limited Vinyl LP

by Harleighblu X Starkiller

Release Date: 04 November 2016

Format: LP Vinyl



Harleighblu X Starkiller Amorine Limited Vinyl LP

Harleighblu X Starkiller is a formidable link-up between British soul/electronic singer Harleighblu and LA duo Starkiller (the production outfit of C.E. Garcia & Alfredo E. Fratti, members of Adrian Younge’s Venice Dawn). A science fiction film in sonic form, the ‘Amorine’ LP tells a tragic future love story in which high drama collides with a cool, clean, sci-fi atmosphere via hip hop sensibilities that draw on musical references from psychedelic funk to DJ Shadow to Portishead.

It is no coincidence that this project directly follows Harleighblu’s ‘Futurespective’ releases, which found the young singer eyeing the horizon, working with cutting edge electronic producers to forge a new sound. On hearing her music, Garcia was struck by Harleighblu’s ability to combine an accomplished, classic soul voice and fresh, future beats; “I’d been playing with this idea of making an album that sounded like the future somehow, and I thought 'well this is it – this is the person to work with'”, he affirms.

With his love of film, sci-fi and graphic novels, and his tendency not to do things by halves, Garcia was soon envisioning an album set in the future, and concocting the ‘Amorine’ story around which this LP would revolve. The dystopian tale was heavily inspired by two sources in particular, which were occupying his mind at the time: the comic book “The Incal” by French artist Mœbius, and the 1971 George Lucas film THX 1138. Heightening the fantastical nature of the 'Amorine' concept album, the project boasts artwork by top graphic artist Boo Cook (2000 AD, Judge Dredd).

Featured Tracks:
1. Finish Me (I'm Done)
2. Live Fast, Die Young
3. Joanna
4. Save Me
5. Middle Of The Road
6. Set Yourself Free
7. Killing My Heart
8. Why Would You
9. Amorine
10. Suddenly