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American Scrap Limited Vinyl LP

by Huntsmen

Release Date: 23 February 2018

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Prosthetic Records


Huntsmen American Scrap Limited Vinyl LP

Chicago’s Americana metal quartet, HUNTSMEN, continue the long standing tradition of storytelling in their music. Huntsmen just do it with volume higher and more metallic grit. Storytelling is the great, albeit fading, American pastime. It predated writing and in many instances, was told in song. In modern times, many musicians have approached their music from a storytelling point of view: Dylan, Springsteen and Waits to name a few. Chicago’s
Americana metal outfit, Huntsmen, are carrying the torch for heavy bands to be added to that list. The band's debut album "American Scrap" is recommended listening for fans of
Heavy Americana....Sixteen Horsepower, Red Fang, High On Fire, Wovenhand, Neurosis, Black Tusk etc....
Formed in 2013, Huntsmen released two EPs, Post War (2014) and The Colonel (2016), both of which’s plot took place after an apocalyptic event and featured various characters whose stories are loosely based on events in singer, writer and guitarist Chris Kang’s personal experiences. Like most stories, Kang keeps the narrative open to interpretation. He explains, “we are not overly explicit in a storytelling way, instead we just drop clues to things that may have happened, and snapshots of how people are living through things, so if a listener wants to dig into the lyrics, they can try and piece together the concept and characters and the roles they play.”

Featured Tracks:
1. Bury Me Deep
2. Pyre
3. Canary King
4. Interlude A – Shipwrecked
5. Atlantic City
6. Interlude B – Insurrection
7. The Barrens
8. The Last President