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Always In My Head Limited Vinyl LP


Release Date: 06 November 2020

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Polydor


Apre Always In My Head Limited Vinyl LP


'Without Your Love' is the brilliant breakout single from APRE, available now on
Polydor Records. It acts as the second preview of the London band's mini-album
project, 'Always In My Head', which will follow on November 6th and was
introduced recently by their escapist single, 'Live It Up'. An extensive touring
schedule for APRE is additionally being rerouted for 2021, with the band having
sold out the Scala earlier this year, played a headline tour around the UK, and
also gone on the road with the likes of Sam Fender, Lany, Friendly Fires and
'Without Your Love' is an epic but intimate cut of alternative pop from APRE, as
inspired by a lifelong love of 80s icons like The Police with the idea of placing
modern relationships under the microscope: a topic that has become even more
pertinent to them whilst apart, and a dilemma that Charlie and Jules neatly
summarise as ‘"I want to be with this person, but it’s not allowing me to feel myself,
and pursue the life I want to lead. It’s kinder sometimes to say goodbye to someone
who’s had such a positive impact on your life beforehand, if in the long term it’s
better for you both. 'Without Your Love' is about the idea that you shouldn't force
yourself to make the relationship work - appreciate what it’s done for you, and
keep moving forward in your life."
APRE are one of the UK's most astute, fiercely creative new bands. Their
innately massive-sounding songs derive from a more introspective, outsiderstatus: finding few creative opportunities in their respectively-suburban
upbringings, it was the unlikely confinement of a West London chess club
where APRE formed, and first found their own outlet for escapism. And it's the
harsh reality of the outside world that the band have frequently spun on its head
over their projects to date. Whether addressing the turbulent political climate
('Guns Down' EP), the more isolating aspects of technology ('Everyone's
Commute EP'), it all comes together on their debut mini-album, 'Always In My
Head'; introduced recently by the seemingly euphoric 'Live It Up' (which actually
describes "being pushed down by social pressures, and never feeling like you are
good enough").
On 'Always In My Head,' APRE refine their eclectic, experimental sound into
songs which are as universal and uplifting as they are emotionally open. A band
who have always written, recorded, and produced everything DIY on 'Without
Your Love', watch APRE truly come into their own.

Featured Tracks:

1) Track 1

2) Track 2

3) Without Your Love

4) Track 4

5) Live It Up

6) Track 6

7) Track 7

8) Track 8

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