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Alien Age Limited Vinyl LP

by Mile Me Deaf

Release Date: 14 October 2016

Format: LP Vinyl



Mile Me Deaf Alien Age Limited Vinyl LP

Mile Me Deaf is an experimental pop band from Vienna, Austria. Most songs were written and recorded by Wolfgang Möstl in his living room, but on stage they are a full functional rock and roll cabaret, who have shared the stage with The War on Drugs, Kurt Vile and My Bloody Valentine. Wolfgang Möstl is known by some as the noise pop whizz kidd of Vienna, an image he probably got from his earlier bands Killed by 9V Batteries and Sex Jams. His solo-project Mile Me Deaf is more alternative pop than noise, dealing with his obsessions with 90's guitar tunes, quirky pop melodies and Jim Carrey movies. It has been written that “Mile Me Deaf lie in a guitar-pop realm between Yuck and Girls” Mile Me Deaf will be touring the USA for the month of October with fellow Austrians Sex Jams. Do not miss this chance to see this show live!

Featured Tracks:
1. Invent Anything
2. Blowout
3. Shibuya+
4. The World We Own
5. Alien Age
6. One Ark
7. Headnote #2
8. Where Else
9. Zither
10. Martian Blood