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Afterthoughts Limited Vinyl LP


Release Date: 27 January 2017

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Spinefarm Records


GREYWIND Afterthoughts Limited Vinyl LP

Featuring lyrics which address the dark heart of the human condition, the debut album from siblings Steph & Paul, possesses the visceral crunch and the soaring hooks of the bands that have so inspired them. Dynamically, however, they move in ways more mysterious than that template would suggest. Often an ethereal drift of atmospherics explodes into controlled chaos - an approach that echoes their love for the post-rock soundscapes of Caspian and Explosions in the Sky. Alternating at will between tender, evocative and aggressive, Steph’s voice is the magic ingredient that elevates Greywind into another dimension. The album’s continuing rush of highlights suggests a band with years of experience behind them; the completed version of Afterthoughts is an obvious anthemic highlight, while Forest Ablaze marches on with a relentless power fuelled by a personal and emotive lyric about striving to prove their doubters wrong. In contrast, the optimistic In Autumn expands from its mellow, acoustically focused introduction to take flight to a climactic wall of guitars, while Safe Haven is perhaps their best moment to date as it succinctly distils every special element of the Greywind sound into one killer song.

Featured Tracks:
1. Afterthoughts
2. Forest Ablaze
3. Circle
4. Safe Haven
5. The Lake
6. Car Spin
7. Stitch On My Wings
8. Desolate
9. In Autumn
10. Wander