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Afterglow Limited Reissue 180gram Heavyweight Vinyl LP

by Crowded House

Release Date: 04 November 2016

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: UMC

£15.99 £9.99

Crowded House Afterglow Limited Reissue 180gram Heavyweight Vinyl LP

CROWDED HOUSE HOLD A SPECIAL PLACE IN MUSIC HISTORY….. boasting seven albums between 1986 and 2010, Crowded House are true trailblazers. Their poetic lyricism, supreme songwriting prowess and timeless aesthetic have provided a careful balance of critical success and enduring mainstream appeal over 30 years, across the globe.
The self-titled debut Crowded House, released in 1986, saw the band instantly launch onto the global stage with lead vocalist & mastermind Neil Finn, Bassist Nick Seymour & drummer Paul Hester premiering timeless hits including “Don’t Dream It’s Over”, “World Where You Live” & “Something So Strong”.
1988’s Temple Of Low Men drew critical acclaim and platinum awards with Finn crafting a set of intense & personal songs revealing his true mastery of melody – highlights including “When You Come”, “I Feel Possessed” & the defining “Better Be Home Soon”.
The band’s third studio album Woodface in 1991 spawned a remarkable European following with their first UK Top 10 & hit singles “Weather With You”, “Fall At Your Feet”, “It’s Only Natural” & “Chocolate Cake” underpinning the bands commercial heights whilst still maintaining their effortless style & attitude for which they are still adored.
With 1993’s follow up Together Alone, Finn’s shining pop song-craft joined forces with legendary producer Youth’s energetic & experimental approach to deliver catalogue highlights "Locked Out", "Distant Sun", “Private Universe” & another phenomenal global chart success.
After the bands breakup in 1996 & subsequent reunion with 2007’s Time On Earth following the death of founding member Paul Hester, 2010’s Intriguer is the sixth and latest studio record from the band ironizing the commercial & artistic longevity of the group with Finn's durable song-craft never failing to enthral across highlights “Saturday Sun” & “Falling Dove”.
Key 1999 compilation album Afterglow features a selection of rarities & outtakes recorded between 1985 and 1994 including “I Love You Dawn” & “Recurring Dream” & is rightly regarded as an essential album in the catalogue & rounds out the campaign.
With a fortuitous triumvirate of anniversaries in 2016 consisting of the 30th Anniversary of the debut self-titled album, 25th Anniversary of the International trophy-piece Woodface & 20th Anniversary of the legendary Farewell To The World Sydney Opera House concert – September 16th 2016 will see the all-encompassing & unprecedented reissue campaign launch across the bands entire catalogue.
Every album will be reissued featuring the original album with a bonus disc of rarities, B-Sides & previously unreleased home demos and outtakes unearthing over 100 unreleased tracks across the campaign. Each package will be delivered in high quality fan-deluxe packaging with extended notes featuring new interviews with the band & memorabilia from personal & fan archives.

Featured Tracks:
I Am In Love
Sacred Cow
You Can Touch
Help Is Coming
I Love You Dawn
Dr. Livingston
My Tellys' Gone Bung
Private Universe
Anyone Can Tell
Recurring Dream
Left Hand
Time Immemorial

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Crowded House Limited Reissue 180gram Heavyweight Vinyl LP
by Crowded House

Release Date: 04 November 2016
Format: LP Vinyl
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£15.99 £9.99