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Aeromantic Limited Gatefold Vinyl 2LP Set

by The Night Flight Orchestra

Release Date: 28 February 2020

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: Nuclear Blast


The Night Flight Orchestra Aeromantic Limited Gatefold Vinyl 2LP Set


The band released their first two albums, ‘Internal Affairs’ and ‘Skyline Whispers’, on Coroner Records, both were critically acclaimed and built them a reputation in certain circles but they wanted and needed something more. The band managed to take things to the next level when they signed to Nuclear Blast and released their 2017 pièce de résistance, ‘Amber Galactic’. The album was deservedly awarded Album of the Month in several European rock magazines, as well as securing the band a Swedish Grammy nomination, which then culminated in a euphoric European tour in the autumn/winter of 2017.

The following year, they were back with their 4th studio album, ‘Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough’, which was riddled with catchy tunes, musical artistry and inimitable Swedish melancholy.Everything’s still slightly over the top and there’s even more for you to love.‘Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough’ contains everything you need to survive in the slightly confusing demographic landscape of adulthood, and however much trouble you’re in, there’s always a female space commander whose circumstances make your woes pale in comparison.

Some bands enter new decades with caution. Nervously they traipse around aimlessly, having whispered band meetings discussing the zeitgeist, and how it might affect the planning of their next carreer move. THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA, however, are too old, self-absorbed and hedonistic to give a damn. They start off 2020 by releasing a new album ‘Aeromantic’ , before they embark on a European headline tour which will bring an ‘Aeromantic Experience’ to the unsuspecting masses.

Featured Tracks:

Side A:

01. Servants Of The Air
02. Divinyls
03. If Tonight Is Our Only Chance

Side B:

01. This Boy’s Last Summer
02. Curves
03. Transmissions

Side C:

01. Aeromantic
02. Golden Swansdown
03. Taurus

Side D:

01. Carmencita Seven
02. Sister Mercurial
03. Dead Of Winter

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