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Adult Contemporary Limited Vinyl LP

by Milo Greene

Release Date: 07 September 2018

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Nettwerk Records


Milo Greene Adult Contemporary Limited Vinyl LP

Adult contemporary is characterized by its exceptional euphony. In skill, it effortlessly mingles sounds. In intent, it envelops itself in harmonies. In spirit, it has the beguiling ability to disarm listeners. Thatís why L.A.ís Milo Greene, the always-evolving indie-pop band, chose the genre as its museóeven naming their third album, Adult Contemporary.

Featured Tracks:
Side A
1. Easy Listening Pt.1
2. Be Good to Me
3. Young at Heart
4. Drive
5. Please Don't
6. Slow

Side B
1. Move
2. Runaway Kind
3. Easy Listening Pt.2
4. Your Eyes
5. Wolves
6. Worth the Wait
7. Never Gonna Give You Up