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Acid Park Limited Vinyl LP

by Ohal

Release Date: 10 June 2016

Format: LP Vinyl



Ohal Acid Park Limited Vinyl LP

Acid Park is an eight movement suite for synthesizers, samplers, and voice. Born from balancing a love/hate relationship with song structure, baroque music, and soundart, Acid Park projects the most embarrassing aspects of each form as radical, chaotic elements organized by traditional constructs of composition. Her writing process was simple, yet meticulous. All of the tracks were built as collages by toying with sounds first, before cutting, pasting, and manipulating them in various ways. Ohal worked with each synth instrument as a closed system: she extracted sounds and repurposed them into complex textures and melodies. The percussion sounds on Acid Park were derived from this same process, but slowed down or sped up on tape and recorded back to the computer before landing in the mix. Ohal wrote Acid Park with a cyclical listening experience in mind. These eight songs grow and fold into each other, feeding on themselves like an ouroboros of lysergic emanations. Ohal's sound design demands focus, but rewards ambient listening in the same way a walk at dawn memorializes a party's afterglow. Acid Park was mixed by Ohal, Tunde Adebimpe and Matty Green at the California Federal Prism studio. Inva Cota designed the album cover in New York City, where Ohal is currently based. Acid Park will be available on Styles Upon Styles in limited and unlimited forms on May 13, 2016

Featured Tracks:
1. All Mine
2. Hornet's Cave
3. Set Go
4. Acid Park
5. Shun Over
6. Wintertime
7. Closer
8. Tame