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A Face Wasted On The Theatre Limited Vinyl LP

by Bruno Pronsato & L.A. Teen

Release Date: 01 June 2018

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: Foom


Bruno Pronsato & L.A. Teen A Face Wasted On The Theatre Limited Vinyl LP

BRUNO PRONSATO returns with his new album, A FACE WASTED ON THE THEATRE, written & produced in collaboration with the Israeli musician, YONATAN LEVI. PRONSATO and LEVI have been collaborating intermittently since 2014, with LEVI adding bass guitar to tracks on both PRONSATO’s US Drag LP from last year and 2016’s NDF EP, Cruel Is The Color, as well as contrabass on a track on PRONSATO's Archangel LP from 2014. Written in the afternoons and between two different studios in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg, the album spans eight tracks, with YONATAN LEVI playing on bass guitar on six of them. It also features guest appearances by downtown composer/producer PETER GORDON and Israeli saxophonist YONATAN YUDKOWITZ on “Bring Me A Kill.”

BRUNO PRONSATO (aka Steven Ford) has been subverting expectations within techno and house’s upper echelons since 2003. A former speed-metal drummer with a serious appreciation for 12-tone composers, he moved to Berlin to focus on music full-time in 2005, and captured the attention of the electronic music world with his redefining Why Can’t We Be Like Us LP from 2008, receiving a 5/5 review from RESIDENT ADVISOR along the way. This was followed up with Lovers Do in 2011, dubbed a “massive and striking statement” by PITCHFORK in their 8.1/10 review. After a six year-hiatus, he released the rejuvenated US Drag LP in June 2017, with RESIDENT ADVISOR commenting that the album was “a fresh perspective on Bruno Pronsato that keeps intact the best aspects of his music, proving that Ford's singular project still has a lot left to give.” Pronsato is also a member of HALF HAWAII with PANORAMA BAR resident and ex-PANTYTEC member, SAMMY DEE–they release mainly on PERLON. His 2010 collaboration with SERGIO GIORGINI (of BENOIT & SERGIO) as NDF (on DFA) was hailed as one of the ‘tracks of the decade so far’ by PITCHFORK in 2015. PRONSATO was also a member of the electronic supergroup, NAROD NIKI alongside RICARDO VILLALOBOS, RICHIE HAWTIN, DANIEL BELL, AKUFEN, LUCIANO, DIMBIMAN etc, and he also co-produced ELLEN ALLIEN’s 2013 LP, LiSm.

YONATAN LEVI aka L.A Teen is a 31-year-old musician born in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Displaying musical tendencies since infancy, he studied at a school of arts between ages 6-16, growing within the music department. He began classical guitar training at the age of 7 and finished his studies as a music major. At age 13 he was awarded a scholarship for classical stand up bass studies from the Israeli Conservatory of Music in Tel Aviv. By age 16, he was honored a full scholarship to the prestigious Berkley College of Music. In 2006 he moved to New York City and immersed himself in the New York Jazz world, playing alongside numerous celebrated musicians including FRANK WESS, BEN DIXON, EDDIE HENDERSON, HARRY WHITAKER and "Killer" RAY APPLETON and DONALD HARRISON.

He has recorded a quartet album alongside WILLIE JONES III, AARON GOLDBERG and OFER GANOR and is featured in OFER GANOR’s album "Miles Away", starring the legendary drummer JIMMY COBB. COBB chose Levi to accompany him in his Japan tour as a part of the world renowned JIMMY COBB QUARTET. Yonatan Levi is currently based in Berlin, Germany, but is constantly on the road between Europe, the US and Israel.

Featured Tracks:
1. Better Than Cindy
2. Jenny, Give Me A Sign
3. A Face Wasted On The Theatre
4. The Pugilist
5. Walk Like It’s 2007
6. Bring Me A Kill
7. Ball Gowns Fall Down
8. Perfect Slacks