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Cinema Limited 5LP/DVD/7" Box Set

Holger Czukay

Label: Groenland Records
Release Date: 23 March 2018
Format: Boxed Set Vinyl

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Holger Czukay Cinema Limited 5LP/DVD/7" Box Set

"Holger has been probably the best editor with tape I ever came across," says producer and recording engineer Rene Tinner, who worked closely with his studio partner Czukay from the seventies to the nineties. "He could have 90 or 100 slices of tape on a table, and he could by magic put them back together with music, perfectly. In that, he was a pure master." The music in this box set does indeed demonstrate masterful arrangements of sounds and sources, movement and melody, humour and seriousness, that can well be described as magical. It is also a set of unpredictable keys and ciphers, revealing a unique worldview where high artistic rigour meets continual openness to chance and serendipity. In this, Holger not only cut and pasted music, but time, place and mindsets, when such things in popular culture were not only technically near impossible, but virtually unprecedented. (Ian Harrison / Mojo) This boxset contains 5 vinyl, including previously unreleased material, a DVD, a Vinyl Video, a lush 36page booklet and a download code

Featured Tracks:
Disc: 1
1. Holger Schüring Quintett - Konfigurationen (1960, previously unreleased)
2. Technical Space Composer's Crew - Canaxis (1969, Canaxis 5)
3. Technical Space Composer's Crew - Boat Woman Song (1969, Canaxis 5)
4. Cluster & Eno - Ho Renomo (1977, Cluster & Eno)

Disc: 2
1. Holger Czukay - Oh Lord Give Us More Money (1979, Movies)
2. Holger Czukay - Persian Love (1979, Movies)
3. Holger Czukay - Cool In The Pool (1979, Movies)
4. Holger Czukay - Hollywood Symphony (1979, Movies)
5. Les Vampyrettes (Czukay/Plank) - Biomutanten (1980, Les Vampyrettes)

Disc: 3
1. Les Vampyrettes (Czukay/Plank) - Menetekel (1980, Les Vampyrettes)
2. Phew (Phew/Czukay/Liebezeit/Plank) - Signal (1981, Phew)
3. Holger Czukay - Witches Multiplication Table (1981, On The Way To To Peak Of Normal)
4. Holger Czukay - On The Way To The Peak Of Normal (1981, On The Way To To Peak Of Normal)
5. Holger Czukay - Ode To Perfume (1981, On The Way To To Peak Of Normal)
6. Holger Czukay - Two Bass Shuffle (1981, On The Way To To Peak Of Normal)
7. Holger Czukay/Jaki Liebezeit/Jah Wobble - How Much Are They? (1982, Full Circle)

Disc: 4
1. Holger Czukay/Jaki Liebezeit/Jah Wobble - Trench Warfare (1982, Full Circle)
2. Holger Czukay/Jaki Liebezeit/Jah Wobble - Full Circle R.P.S. (No. 7) (1982, Full Circle)
3. Holger Czukay/Jaki Liebezeit/Jah Wobble - Twilight World (1982, Full Circle)
4. Holger Czukay - The Photo Song (1984, Der Osten Ist Rot)
5. Holger Czukay - Der Osten Ist Rot (1984, Der Osten Ist Rot)
6. Holger Czukay - Das Massenmedium (1984, Der Osten Ist Rot)
7. Holger Czukay - Träum Mal Wieder (1984, Der Osten Ist Rot)
8. Holger Czukay - Hey Baba Reebop (1987, Rome Remains Rome)
9. Holger Czukay - Hit Hit Flop Flop (1987, Rome Remains Rome)

Disc: 5
1. Holger Czukay - Perfect World (1987, Rome Remains Rome)
2. Holger Czukay - Music In The Air (1987, Rome Remains Rome)
3. Holger Czukay - Ride A Radiowave (1991, Radio Wave Surfer)
4. Holger Czukay - We Can Fight All Night (1991, Radio Wave Surfer)
5. Holger Czukay - Through The Freezing Snow (1991, Radio Wave Surfer)
6. Holger Czukay w/ Karlheinz Stockhausen - Breath Taking (2008, Second Life, previously unreleased)
7. Holger Czukay & U - She
8. Holger Czukay / Ursa Major - 21st Century (2007, 21st Century)
9. Bison (Czukay/Murphy/Smith) - Mandy (2004, Travellers
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