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O Limited Coloured Vinyl 2LP Set


Label: Thrill Jockey
Release Date: 16 June 2017
Format: LP Double Vinyl

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Oval O Limited Coloured Vinyl 2LP Set

O is Oval's first long-play release in a decade, following the release of an EP, Oh. Both works reveal a very different sound from Oval's exploration of digital distortion. O comprises 70 tracks over a total of almost two hours. Oval released their first album, Wohnton, in 1993 and worked as a trio until 1995 when founding members Frank Metzger and Sebastian Oschatz departed, leaving Markus Popp to continue alone.

With O, Markus Pop has reinvented Oval using new techniques to produce a challenging sound world that's simultaneously exhausting and fascinating. If the listener survives the feeling of being overwhelmed by the sheer number of compositions, their predominantly brief length and the amount of detail that can be heard in each track, O is both thrilling and rewarding.

Panorama is a surprising opener, beatific and lulling in its effect, the sound distinctly synthetic. ah! follows, driven by energetic, acoustic drumming that sits back in the mix behind sheets of melodic texture. Anyone acquainted with Oval's previous work will recognise the novelty of traditional percussion here. Later, Dolo glides forward on delicate harmonics and chimeric percussion. Although synthetic, Oval's new sound world appears to be physically triggered rather than the result of programming, at times sounding like plucked or hammered strings.

Listened to closely, each track reveals a precise and jewel-like structure, while in its totality O refuses any intimation of form that might restrict the experience of listening to it. Tracks such as cinematic or sky could be repeated over and over as a sonic backdrop. There's a paradoxical sense of focused indeterminacy at play. With its constant changes in tempo, O appears to stretch time elastically, becoming seemingly endless.

Featured Tracks:
Disc: 1
1. Panorama
2. Ah!
3. Shhh
4. Glossy
5. Stop Motion
6. Sky
7. Beige
8. Brahms Mania
9. Cinematic
10. Cry
11. Cottage
12. I Heart Musik
13. Salamanca
14. Dolo
15. Dricas
16. Cyprus
17. Vessel
18. Dynamo
19. Finis
20. Emocor

Disc: 2
1. Citybike
2. Oslo
3. IJ
4. Rivo
5. Pomp
6. Blinky
7. Parallax
8. Koral
9. Kolor
10. Auto Matic
11. Dream Over
12. Pastell
13. Magnify
14. Drift
15. Allover
16. Derby
17. Flax
18. Bergen Best
19. Matinee
20. Kukicha
21. 6am
22. Flamingo
23. Rivo II
24. Goodbye
25. Fontan
26. Co-echo
27. Stop Motion II
28. Vitesse
29. September
30. Voila
31. Vegas Top
32. Expo
33. Lonely
34. Java
35. Klack
36. Project Evergreen
37. Rainyday
38. Big City Nights
39. Rosammie
40. Gallo
41. May Tea
42. Chronograph
43. Jank
44. Breezy
45. Press
46. Form Faktor
47. Terminal
48. Karo
49. Swiss Summer
50. Happyend
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