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Anthology - A Very British Synthesizer Limited Vinyl 3LP Set

The Human League

Label: UMC/Virgin
Release Date: 18 November 2016
Format: LP Triple Vinyl

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The Human League Anthology - A Very British Synthesizer Limited Vinyl 3LP Set

“Anthology – A Very British Synthesizer Group” is the story of The Human League; no ordinary pop group. Their co-founders have long gone. The lead singer continues the band with two women still known to many as ‘the girls.’ Variously, during their thirty-nine-year existence, they have included in their ranks a core member who initially played no instrument and contributed no sound; a tape machine taking the place of a human drummer centre-stage; two female singers who by their own admission couldn’t really sing (at least initially); and later in the group’s career a revolving-door policy of semi-permanent contributors, live and studio boffins who, although never legally credited as members of the band would, in essence, be part of The Human League.

To say this is the story of one pop group is misleading. As Britain’s answer to Kraftwerk they were already interested in electronic music at the time the Dusseldorf band was making its breakthrough with Autobahn in 1975 and The Human League’s initial recordings date to early 1977 when Bowie released Low.

Back in the late Seventies and early Eighties, music wasn’t streamed or given away but sought out and championed. This was the era of the ‘super-fan’, the people who followed and debated the merits of David Bowie, Roxy Music, The Sex Pistols, Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder, Michael Jackson… The Human League.

All formats contain 8 Top 10 singles including the Number 1 hit, Don’t You Want Me ( #1 in December 1981 ) and 6 Top 20 hits.

Featured Tracks:

01: Being Boiled A-Side Single (3:49)
02: The Dignity of Labour [Part 3] Dignity of Labour 12” single (3:51)
03: Empire State Human A-Side Single (3:10)
04: Only After Dark (Single Edit) Travelogue Free 7” (3:45)
05: Nightclubbing Holiday ’80 EP (3:00)
06: Boys and Girls A-Side Single (3:12)
07: The Sound of The Crowd (Instrumental Version) (4:10)
08: Hard Times B-Side Single (5:01)
09: Love Action (I Believe In Love) A-Side Single (3:50)
10: Open Your Heart A-Side Single (3:55)
11: Don't You Want Me A-Side Single (3:57)
12: Mirror Man A-Side Single (3:50)
13: You Remind Me Of Gold (3:36)
14: (Keep Feeling) Fascination (Extended Version) (5:00)
15: The Lebanon (Single Version) A-Side Single (3:43)
16: Louise (DJ Edit) A-Side Single (4:10)*


01: Life On Your Own (DJ Edit) A-Side Single (4:08)*
02: Human – Extended Version (5:00)
03: I Need Your Loving (DJ Edit) A-Side (2:51)*
04: Love Is All That Matters (DJ Edit) A-Side Single (2:59)*
05: Heart Like A Wheel (William Orbit Remix) A-Side Single (4:51)
06: Soundtrack To A Generation (Edit) (4:01)*
07: Tell Me When (Radio Edit) (4:09)*
08: One Man In My Heart A-Side Single (4:03)
09: Filling Up With Heaven A-Side Single (4:21)
10: Stay With Me Tonight (Single Version) A-Side Single (4:00)
11: All I Ever Wanted (Radio Edit) (3:31)*
12: Night People (Radio Edit): A-Side* (3:03)
13: Never Let Me Go (Album Version) (4:55)
14: Sky (Radio Edit) A-Side Single (3:10)


01: The Path Of Least Resistance – Early version (3:20)*
02: No Time ( The Word Before Last- Early version ) ( 3:51 )*
03: Being Boiled – State Of The Art Mix 1 (4:11)*
04: Stylopops You Broke My Heart – (Marianne – Early version) (3:43)*
05: I Am The Law – Early version (4:14)*
06: Darkness - Early version (4:17)*
07: Louise – Early version (4:56)*
08: The Real Thing – Early version (3:59)*
09: Love On The Run – Early version (3:51)*
10: A Doorway – Early version (4:25)*
11: F.M. (Soundtrack To A Generation - Early version) (4:22)*
12: Happening Woman (Filling Up With Heaven – Early version (3:22)*
13: Give It Back (Houseful of Nothing – Early version ) 1/6/92 ( 4:37 )*
14: New Start (All I Ever Wanted – Early version) (4:04)*
15: SH5 (Liar – Early version) (5:42)*
16: Biller 10 (Single Minded – Early version) (3:49)*
17: Jupiter 4c (Sky – Early Version ) 15/7/2008 (5:56)*
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