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Notes Limited Vinyl LP

Johan Agebjorn

Label: Paperbag
Release Date: 09 February 2015
Format: LP Vinyl

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Johan Agebjorn Notes Limited Vinyl LP

Johan Agebjörn releases a new solo album, Notes; a dreamy, melancholic and mostly instrumental collection of songs. The music is quite different to the music he has produced earlier, both with Sally Shapiro and alone.

- After this album, it hits me how much my previous output has had its roots in electronic music styles from the 80s and 90s. I don't see this album fitting in there so much. I don't know what to call it. There's a lot of electric pianos in there, that's all I can say about the style.

The starting point for the album was the electric piano sound of the Casio MT-52, a cheap keyboard from the early 80s that was mostly used on an amateur level. It's used (together with other sounds) on almost every track on the album.

- I was making a remix (for Jam & Spoon) and I needed a cheap electric piano sound. I settled for the the piano sound of the Casio, and then I fell in love with it. It inspired me to start working in a different style, mostly without the kind of drum, bass and pad sounds I normally use. For some reason it turned out to be the perfect sound to express feelings I had inside me that I wanted to turn into music. There's some kind of unintended sadness, simplicity and authenticity in that sound.

- Most of the tracks are without drums. Lately I've felt that drums are mostly in the way, taking attention from details of the harmonies in the music, especially when there are a lot of notes (e.g. in arpeggios). Often I've had long drumless intros on my productions, for that reason, and since this is not at all intended to be dance music, I (in most cases) decided to let the harmonies stand for themselves. It sounds more naked and clear, though on some tracks I used some drums to obtain some more energy and motion.

The album includes collaborations with Sally Shapiro, Loney Dear and Young Galaxy (as well as a remix for Brain Machine that fits to the album's style).

- Some songs sounded like instrumental versions of pop songs, so I decided to have vocals on them. It was of course natural to ask Sally on two tracks. Loney Dear and Young Galaxy are both making dreamy music with great expression, so I thought they would both be exciting collaborators on this album, and I'm honored they wanted to sing on my productions.

Featured Tracks:
1. The Right to Play
2. Spin My Head Through Times
3. The Boy Who Thought It Was a Good Idea to Cry
4. Malala's Dream
5. The Leftovers (With Loney Dear)
6. You Passed Through (With Young Galaxy)
7. Careful (With Sally Shapiro)
8. Will They Forgive Us
9. Alpha Beta Gamma (With Brain Machine)
10. It Was Never a Challenge to Love You
11. The Best Thing (With Sally Shapiro)
12. On Golden Wings I Fly
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