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Tangier Sessions Limited Vinyl LP

Sir Richard Bishop

Label: Drag City
Release Date: 16 February 2015
Format: LP Vinyl

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Sir Richard Bishop Tangier Sessions Limited Vinyl LP

· Sir Richard Bishop is back and he’s got a new guitar. While in Geneva for a time last year, Sir Richard was on the lookout for a Taylor Mini, something he could travel with. Stumbling into an obscure luthier’s shop in a shadowy lane off the high road, he was unable to find what he was looking for... but as he was leaving, the old shopkeeper reached behind an ancient and dusty cabin and produced a guitar
identified only by a tiny sticker inside reading ‘C. Bruno’ but with no recognizable attributions otherwise. Clearly an old piece, likely made in the mad final days of the 19th century. Just to touch it was to hear an instrument of unusual depth. The experience of playing it was equally exquisite. However, once Sir Rick heard the price, he was forced to put it down and walk out empty-handed. A couple of days later he was back to play it again. A couple of days after that he was back again, his wallet stuffed fat with Swiss Francs. It was as if he’d been enchanted / cursed.
· Later in the summer, in the company of said guitar, Sir Richard was in Morocco, staying in Tangier on the invitation of a local patron who’d asked him to play in the courtyard of the old Spanish post office deep in the heart of the Old City. During the nights there the pieces on this record were improvised and recorded.
· The tone of the guitar and Sir Richard’s gentle, loving touch with it hold forth from the first moment of ‘Tangier Sessions’, sitting clear and true in the home-recorded
night air above the city. The album sequence is the precise order of the songs as they were conceived and recorded. The first couple of songs feature Sir Richard Bishop playing without a plectrum for the first time ever. It was as if the songs were almost being written by the guitar itself... using of course, all the available wide-ranging, maxi-cultural vocabulary resources unique to Sir Richard Bishop.
· Towards the end of the first side of ‘Tangier Sessions’, Sir Richard and guitar begin to chill out and cut loose in a different way .Arriving in the moment that was imagined for them, they stretch out, finding themselves in open space with fewer changes. This is a place where a player like Sir Richard Bishop can relax while remaining totally focused and present, hearing what the guitar and he are capable of in real time.
· The discoveries of Side One give way to the trilogy of songs that comprise the second side and the issues presented by ‘Mirage’ are revisited from another angle, another spot on the map in ‘International Zone’, leaving finally a sense of journey completed in the serene moments of ‘Let It Come Down’. This sense of the time of the album passing as the dialogue between (noble)man and guitar makes ‘Tangier Sessions’ a singular listening experience, even in the crowded realm of solo acoustic guitar albums. Nobody plays the guitar like Sir Richard Bishop and on ‘Tangier Sessions’ he’s found a guitar that nobody but him plays either.

Featured Tracks:
1. Frontier
2. Bound in Morocco
3. Safe House
4. Hadija
5. Mirage
6. International Zone
7. Let It Come Down
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